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On The Brighter Side

by Karl Jannuska

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I’ll find you in your finest hour I’ll find you in your offspring flower I’ll find you when your song is sung I’ll find you, I’ll find you I’ll find you with a foreign tongue I’ll find you when you beat your drum I’ll find you in your solitude I’ll find you, I’ll find you
How can I trust again when I feel so numb? My security blanket’s gone, guitar lost its strum What was it like Kickin’ back on the brighter side? How can I close the door leaving hope outside? Wound is no longer fresh, tears have still not dried Where is the road Leading back to the brighter side What was it like Kickin’ back on the brighter side On the brighter side
Blue, white and red flags They fill the sky today Once at half-mast They’re riding high again Blue, white and red flags They’ve seen some blood shed When will they learn Their bombs won’t spell the end Blue, white and red flags Tri-colour family Teach us to live And love in harmony
Orchid Child 03:15
Your sleep is agitated Sweet dreams often invaded Your Barbie world abated A snow white cloud deflated A diamond in the rough Is your heart strong enough To withstand cutting words A pushing, shoving world But when your colours show Ray of sunshine Healing a mother With your smile It comes as no surprise Such a flower Born of another Orchid Child
Parsimony 03:14
Sit and listen Feel the words Digest them Empathize Connection Then roar a whisper Hold your tongue Lend an ear Or two Wait your turn Be patient Then roar a whisper
Where spring thaws You will find my hue Hiding under Unknowing footsteps Until the sun Leaves me pale grey
If the truth be told I still haven’t grown up Still the teenage boy, covert, tokin’ up If the truth be told I’m not as calm as I seem Dizzy, handcuffed, blind on truth’s balance beam Truth be told or maybe isn’t Secrets spoil and taste unpleasant Feet too cold they dodge the bullet Truth be told tonight it wouldn’t If the truth be told I won’t shoulder all blame It is not for naught my guilt is on the wane If the truth be told one lie hides another Peekin’ through the web the truth I discover
Hide your magic, you don’t need it I’m already under your spell Arms of tragic mass temptation Keep them from me, cover them well Wands and potions won’t be needed Can’t you see that I’ve conceded Hide your magic you don’t need it I’m already under your spell Wands and potions won’t be needed Can’t you see that I’ve conceded
Fade Away 02:48
You’re the voice inside me A life-long commentary I know you mean well But your words Often bring me down And now it’s time For you to fade away And I’ll move on Without you Peacefully A silent jubilee Eternal reverie I’ll see the light of day When voices fade away A weightless breath to breathe The forest for the trees When voices lift, unseed Fade away
Everyone’s Superman That’s who you think you are Weight of the world is perched on Your sagging shoulders Under your outstretched chest hides A heart of kryptonite Too weak to say the word no Your archest enemy Multi-tasking faster than a Speeding bullet no you can’t Everyone’s Superman You can’t beat everyone But that won’t stop you from trying It’s in your DNA You go to battle on all fronts And never skip a beat But cracks are starting to surface Time always takes it’s toll Even on everyone’s Superman
Come and look what lies within Faces glitter, mingling Peak inside the horse’s mouth Find out what this gift’s about Friends of friends come tumbling To a shrine that’s crumbling Try to stop the joyous mob From the snowiest of jobs Then it rears its ugly head Drags you to its hellish bed Tames you like a virgin lamb Makes you trust in Uncle Sam Now you walk with blood-shot eyes Liking, posting hypnotized Scrolling zombie in the night Social network sucks your life What lies within


SHED 009


released November 22, 2018

Karl Jannuska - drums, percussion, midi programming, toy piano
Cynthia Abraham - Voice
Seamus Blake - tenor sax (1, 2)
Federico Casagrande - guitar (6, 8, 11)
Baptiste Germser - French horn (3, 5, 9), bass (5, 7, 9) & keys (5, 7, 8, 9)
Julien Herné - bass (4, 5, 8, 11)
Guillaume Latil - cello (3, 5, 7)
Nicolas Moreaux - acoustic bass (7)
Tony Paeleman - Hammond organ, Fender rhodes, piano & keys
Christophe Panzani - tenor sax & woodwind arr (10)
Pierre Perchaud - guitar (3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11)

All music & lyrics by Karl Jannuska and recorded between 2015 - 2018 at various studios but mainly Studio des Bruères, Studio Prado and A18

Mixed and mastered by Tony Paeleman @ Swome

Cover art by Oliver Degabriele. Design inspired by a First Nations star quilt


all rights reserved



Shed Music Paris, France

Shed Music is a Paris-based "indie-jazz" collective initiated by the four musicians who form the group The Watershed : Christophe Panzani, Tony Paeleman, Pierre Perchaud and Karl Jannuska.


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